Something I miss

Something I miss is really easy and fast explained! My grandparents!! They were the most wonderful, kind people and both were always there for me when I was growing up. Only living a stone’s throw away so to speak me and my brothers were constantly at their house.  Just because or because we wanted to…

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In with the New

With what is going on in my life, well the social side of it, these days I am about to revamp more than just this blog.  As you will have noticed when scrolling through my layout has changed a few weeks ago, my color scheme is a bit different, lighter, and overall I am one…

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In the still of the night

…is when my brain is going all sorts of crazy; mostly when I just sit around in my yard (as I did earlier, enjoying the evening breeze while having my face buried in a book), looking about what I have accomplished already, the plans I have drawn up over the weekend and the most wonderful…

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What I am proud of

This is a good question.  It requires myself to take a long hard look at my life, what has happened so far, and where I am coming from.  That said, there a few things where I can definitely say “I am proud of this” and those are, no questions asked, my three minions!! Those kids…

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