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It’s been quite the crazy journey for me and the family these past months. It’s been full of changes, new beginnings and hopefully a better life after we are all done with everything.
We don’t know if we will stay in the Army, finish up early, start a civilian life so to speak, and where to go from there in case we do decide to do so.
Will it be Washington still although there are some higher living expenses here? Or will it be NC where the DH has his house, lower expenses and we could start completely new? Then there is the question about the kids’ education which won’t be as problematic for the two younger ones, but the eldest who will be done with HS in two years will be hit the hardest ….. There is so much to think about and I try to calculate it all.
Try to think positive, to be straight forward with our chances either way, with comparing the living here and there…. It’s lots of things we need to do. And on top I’m saving to be able to go home during the summer. I really hope it works all out.
I’m sorry for my absence these past months and I will probably be a bit more like this as well, but I also try to keep you guys updated and show yall that I am still alive and kicking with new ideas, recipes and all the other crazy possibilities that are floating around u head.
So keep an eye out and keep in coming back; tough days and times are almost over and I’ll be back to posting 🙂
Thank you all for still following me although blog and live are under construction !! Means a lot !!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State