Oh my life…..

It’s going. Tomorrow I got another appt with my therapist. Mostly just is I got someone to talk to, to where I can be better and learn from my past. I must say I am glad I started this.

Most about four weeks now and it helps. I am not all bottled up and don’t hold as much in as I was before and so I think after a few more months it’ll be even better then it is now.

My bigger goals right now are to be better with every day and to plan out my vacation to Germnay. Gotta see family and would like to take all my family here, seven people. So we will see how it all goes. I’m crossing fingers that we have the next two years in the army still, that all goes well in our next few months so we are out of the worst part of our lives and then it can only go up and be better from here on.

I will be cooking more again as well, after all it is what I am good at and what made me happy all this time. Also, great fun to feed the family and to have he house smell yummy day by day.  So you all can be looking forward to some great recipes here soon. 🙂

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