The start of a three day weekend

 Do one thing today your future self would be proud of !! 

It’s Saturday. I’m up since quite a while, but just not ready to get out of bed yet. 

My youngest came cuddling, an to go back to sleep, around 0515 and I love when that happens. So we been chilling, and I been watching him sleep. Creepy I know. But every mother will understand how sometimes you just  can’t help it, you watch them sleep, think how perfect they are and beautiful…. 
…anyways, as I was saying, I’m just not ready to get up yet. Im watching thesun playing peek-a-boo and how I wished it would b a warm Summer day today. I miss Summer. The heat. Wearing shorts. Laying on the beach. I am a Summer girl. 

And so I’ll b bracing the Fall, make myself a cup of coffee or two and enjoy life at the house, or park, or where ever it takes me with my kids today.