Y’all  know when you think that you are so far down, there is no way in hell its gonna get worst? It’s law that it always is about to get worst as soon as you think that. And with that in mind, my washer crapped out last week. 

Well, it’s been on and off, moody as sh** since beginning of this year, I think we both had our problems, but now it’s finally done. That damn machine and I think alike, when we are done, we are done!! It might have taken us quite a while to commit to it, but now it’s said and done. 

I have been hand washing all of our stuff ever since and let me tell you, a new washer is needed. Therefore little ole me put on her big girl pants and went to Lowes. Picked out a nice, normal, functional washer that will do its deeds without bitching and getting emotional and on Friday we will see if this new union will work out. 

I am just glad I am back in the 21st century on a few days and can resume life as it is supposed to be: no hand washing needed!! Yes I am spoiled lol