Pick up your pieces and go o

…seems that is what i do best. I been picking up quite a few of those, trying to put back together what is possible, and where ever pieces are missing:they have to go! 

Lots of pieces are quietly falling back into place, slightly different order maybe, but unknown by the kids, so their lives are as less interrupted as possible. All the big appointments and problems I handle quietly, for as best as I can, and go on every day as it is the best day ever. 
School has kept them busy with its start last week, the Scouts will start again around the 22nd of this month and my oldest is busy with volunteering, homework and studying do that I really only worry about keeping my youngest busy. 
He is asking where’s daddy, or saying “daddy working” but, and this is the only positive I get from this army life, with deployments and all, it is not too unusual that he was gone for long periods of time, which means this transition will be easier as well.

Life is so amazing and where one door closes another one opens and that might just be what you needed. It might be where you were supposed to be all along, and everything you had to go through was just so you could end up right there, right at this moment. 

People come and go into and out of your life for a reason, good or bad and it is only up to you what you make of it at the end. 
Therefore love it to the fullest, tell the people you love that you do so every day, and pick up your pieces of you have to and build yourself a new and better future with what is given to you and left for you!! 

I believe in you 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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