Going through ALL emotions today

It has been an exhaustingly long day today. I had the meeting this morning which went well and as expected, touched bases about the court next week and as soon as I left there with a good feeling and positive look on life, the sun wa a shining and the weather was great, it all crumbled. 

His lawyer called, and I cannot believe he is even now trying to push me around, trying to play things down, safe what ever there is to safe. Or maybe it’s just something that kicks in once you see that sh** hit the fan so to speak cause you never thought your little wife, which your managed to control for quite a bit, finally gets up and say ab enough is enough …..

Anyways, that done I see what info I can get, meet my advocate next week, and they come to get his belongings. I’m fine with it, polite, try to help where I can and mostly never restricted them form getting what he wanted or needed and even offered them to look around so they see I  don’t have what he wants. But still, he is on the phone the whole time (going against the third person clause in the PO!!) and has the decency to ask if they can look through the  car and the closet upstairs to see if I really do or don’t have what he wanted. Last frigging time, dude !! I am done being pushed around, and you think you can do what you want after I I already offered for them to look for themselves it see I don’t keep anything. 

Now I am all wound up, my mind is going in warp speed and I cannot do anything right now given it is already after 9pm. So what do I do? I go ahead, write down what I need to know and need to do tomorrow and then we’ll go from there. It’s always some http. And when you finally feel better it hits you out of nowhere and he gives you that creepy feeling you had for the last 9 months. No thank you is what you have to say, and let the courts and lawyers do what they need to do and you protect your children the best you can if he likes it or not. 


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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