One down, one to go 

…and whoever thought this is about my Hawks …wrong! Lol

But seriously, my Hawks did good. It was a bad game for my heart and so close at the end, but hey did good and we will be back next week. And with a win #WeAre12 after all 

Now to more serious matters though. The calls won’t end, I let them all go to mailbox and prepare for two of the upcoming of important dates next week. More and more of those to come as well, it will be quite a while I believe until it is all  over and done with but Tuesday and Thursday are important days this week. 

Meeting with important people to help me figure out more things, file more papers I need to have for the courts and then the first do many court dates on Thursday. 

Also, thinking about moving, or staying til the lease is up in April ’16. Staying would give me quite some more time to look around and see what else there is out there that is cheaper than where we at right now. 

Love the house but really don’t want to stay longer than I have to with the kids. Once we are in a new house, it’s another step toward more freedom, and a life with just the kids and I again. 

He rest of my life is going great though. I am happy and special people brought out the best  in me these past days!! I love life, and can’t wit to start this new “kids and me” adventure that is waiting to happen soon!! So far it is off to a good start I can tell you all and I am very happy I made it this far already… 

Now I hope that yall have a great afternoon, I gotta get back to watch a Giants game at 1730 and help a friend cheer them on 🙂 

Will keep yall posted and until then enjoy life to the fullest my friends !! 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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