House hunting part one 

 It’s been an interesting Sunday. I found this wonderful house down toward the Capital and a bit in the woods last Thursday and started talking to the owner who was willing to give it to us since we need to relocate as soon as possible, and for that prize it was amazing. 
So we got ready, went down there, 30 minutes from where we are right now, and I must say I loved it. 

It need a bit work in the yard, a good cleaning but other than that it was beautiful. Kitchen and small living room on the first floor, steps down to two bedrooms and up to another bedroom and another small living room. It was so so cozy and I really somewhat fell in love with it. 

My oldest though did not like that thought at all. “It’s too far out” or “I need to change schools” or even “my bf is too far away” was what I had to listen to in the way home. She wanted to be closer to school and I get it and been looking to see if there really would b any apartments available. But quite frankly, nothing beats the price of $710/mo including all the utilities when you have to keep a vey Claire eye on the budget these next years….

By the end of the day I found two more apartments I’ll be looking at today, also down south though, and hope she will like those better. A move to safe money and actually be able to live with three kids is what is in order and can’t be prolonged for too much longer if she wants to keep some of her standards as well. 

So house number one is a no go, and we will see how today goes with looking and talking to the people at these other two places today. It’s more money but still way less than what we have to pay here…. 

I really hate doing this grown up thing sometimes can you tell!? 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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