All Aboard The Crazy Train

All aboard the Crazy Train…get comfortable cause y’all gonna be in for the long haul…. 

Since 0600 I been doing the run arounds, phone calls, lawyers, advocates, appointments, apartment search and what I got to show for it?! 

Going to court tomorrow, alone, no lawyer, against him and his lawyer and fighting for rent and child support. 

Shelters r only giving me the run arounds and it is something I just need to look into since I have to be out here very soon the way it looks. Upside: a friend gave me one more number I can call tomorrow, a one stop shop for DV victims so to speak and I hope it is true. 

Changing life is hard, sucks when you see by yourself, but with kids it’s even tougher. On the other hand: if I would not face my little ones I wonder if I would have been strong enough to do this big step a few weeks ago. They give me strength, keep me grounded and force me to keep a cool head and stay levelheaded throughout the whole process. 
Next week I got all kinds of lawyer, cid and what not appointments but at the end when all will be said and done, it will be an amazing life for the kids and I again and we can go in happily and start to live a good life again. 
The way to there is hard and tough and filled with ups and downs but I know I, we, can do it. And I build quite a support system these past weeks out of awesome people hat are there to help me if I need help in any shape or form. 
Most of all tho thank you God that I made it though this day, that I was breathing to see this day and that me and my kids are healthy!! 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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