House hunting nr 5682 lol

Yes, we are ready to move on. Move into a smaller and cheaper place so we can afford life and sadly I don’t see much happening these days. 

Found five other apartments I could afford and I have to say I really, really do appreciate the ones who actually reply after I am honest and upfront on my tough situation right now. I appreciate when you at least write back and tell me that you either can’t have me stay there, or it is too uncertain for your company or what ever the reason. But, you at least take your time to write, or call, back and respect me enough to do so. 

Sadly, most of the others don’t  and  I barely hear from any other company. Yes, it ain’t easy, my situation sucks, but you could show some respect to people especially when I am upfront and honest with you about my situation because I think that is better, than telling you idk what and then have to drop that bomb on you. 

Not giving up hope yet, giving it to God and know he will help me through this as he is helping me through everything else that is going on right now. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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