What is it with this world…

….another school shooting today. What is with this world, that people don’t think? What is it, that students, or grown ups, think they need to bring guns to school? What is it, that makes you think you can resolve your problems by hurting your family and the families of hundreds of innocent people? 

I really don’t understand this world anymore…

Here in Olympia they arrested a high school student who brought a gun to school. In Oregon are ten people dead now, seven are injured and the shooter only 20 years old… 

In my opinion: do not make these shooters public. Do not announce their name, family, or anything that could lead to their identity and I believe at one point it will stop. Cause I think most likely they want fame out of this one way or another. If you take that from them by not showing their name, face, family…they will stop some time in the future. 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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