It’s a couch kind of day

and it’s well deserved 🙂 

Since I am up I been looking around again for apartments, already made 10+ calls and in the end I’ll always get the same answer. I don’t even explain my situation anymore. Why? Cause it don’t change nothing. No one really cares what you been through or what is going on and why you need a new place as soon as possible and why you don’t have all the time in the world to look until you found that perfect place to make your home again. It is all just about the cold, hard money and the fact that I can’t deliver what they want to see in that department. 

So after I was about to give up already, it is really taking its toll on me considering that I wanted to stay as close as possible for my oldest and her sake, I found a pretty good deal. It’s an hour north from where we at right now and it would be an amazing apartment. A great prize, enough room for me and the kids and I just send and email out to get some more information on it. Now I am sitting here again, waiting and hoping. 

I know it’ll get me a tantrum from my islets of that really should be where we headed but: I am running out of time!! I have exhausted every option that I have over here, and it got me no where considering I turned down the first amazing offer because of her!! I cannot afford to do so anymore or any longer. This is where the parent part usually really sucks lol. 

And so little one and myself are chilling now after we did our research, cleaned house, prepped dinner and before the kids come home from school… Gotta relax to stay focused 😉 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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