It’s been hectic, that’s for sure 

And that is just to say the least. As most of you know, I’m going through quite some changes in my life and have constant ups and downs over here, although I make it my mission to have more ups than downs and not to let the negative things and thoughts big me so much or at all. 

Been sick this past week and it mostly felt like having extra stuff thrown at me when you are down already. But, I dig myself out, an healthy again for the most part and so the apartment hunt continues. Yes, no apartment yet. It stinks. I know. Really thought after a bit over five weeks I at least would have an apartment and a move in date for said apartment but no, not gonna happen… Not yet at least. 

Driving around last weekend, been looking at a nice 2 bdr one in Sunday and once more filled out paperwork and all those things and now I am hoping to hear back from them with (hopefully) a yes. At least she actually met me, saw me in person and could talk to me one on one… I really hope it’ll work out, cause can you say time crunch !? 

Other than all of this I need to go back to baking and cooking. I miss it and all the yummy goodness that comes with it. Christmas Season is almost upon us and then there will be lots of goodies in my house. Back to baking people…. It’s the little things you start to miss. Like friends, life, yummy goodness in all forms of delightfuness 😉 So stay tuned and keep your eyes open people 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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