Monday ….NOT Funday 

And how true that is. Everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong today. 

My card was ‘restricted’ cause of damn Target (which I am seriously considering not going anymore cause that is the second time already) and so no gas in the tank, an appt in Seattle at 10am and every bank opens at what time!? Yes, that’s right, TEN !! So after I tried to see if any of these gas stations here take checks (of course no such luck) I gave in, accepted my ‘luck‘, called the costumer service and rescheduled my appointment. 

Then off to the bank, that at least was a bit easier and done in 15 min for all I had to do, which was quite a lot. Made it back home, keeping my wonderful neighbor up to date cause they helped me so much through all this and then off to thrift stores for school clothes for my oldest. Mock interviews. Don’t you love them!? 

Got so many NO’s from so many landlords again. Today I wrote about 12 more, all the way down south and up north toward Seattle.  One asked me to call back tomorrow, fingers crossed, and the rest no answer yet. 

The good news about today: I’ll be starting my wrapping journey!!! I am so excited, got amazing people working with me, and I still need four loyal ladies who would like to take that wonderful, healthy and life changing trip with me.  I’ll be also wrapping with you all so we all support each other and motivate each other to change for the better!!! My zone is my belly I need and want to work on and I cannot wait for my first wrap !!! 

So if you are interested to do this with me hit me up, contact Me here, on FB or on Twitter and IG !!! 

Let’s get this amazing journey started ladies!!! 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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