kids are going crazy

For three or four weeks now its been a mad house and one I really was hoping to avoid to be honest. I knew that over all it had to come back to me and the kids at one point. Its been so much running around, so much things to organize and finalize that we are all get to sit down and relax a little bit. Day by day, night by night and the nights are the worst.

The kids are good during the day. Too much stuff going on, running around, friends to meet and things to do. The evenings are getting quiet, as soon as dinner is done and movie is on we all should be able to relax. But somehow those kids are turning it up, right then and there.

Yesterday I had one of those nights again and it is those nights were I realize that I need a break. That I am not the superwoman I am trying to be so many days during these past months and that even me, a Scorpio through and through, needs someone in their lives to help them out a bit here and there. Yes I do not like asking for help when it comes even to the smallest things in life but I need to get used to either doing that or to just let the dishes sit in the sink, let the house look like people live there most the time and just sit down and chill.

And before you say anything, I am sitting with my boys every night/evening and try to keep it calm and relaxed but it is the fact that when they need to go to bed and start acting up cause they know its time for it, that is driving me crazy. That moment when mom could use a minute or two just to herself and those two seem to be able to smell that from about 5km away. And it is the same thing every night, too. I am not yelling anymore, cause I would not have a single bit of voice left if I would keep that up. I am not one for spanking cause I believe it does not do much good at the end. And so it is just the same thing over and over again. Putting the youngest back to bed, telling him over and over again that it is bedtime and trying not let him see that they are driving me crazy. Bit by bit, night by night.

Tonight was 1930 bedtime and although I can hear them, they are at least stayin in their room so far and seem to be a good bit quieter than they usually are at this time of day. The crazy thing!? I can see how tired they are cause they constantly yawn or have their eyes fall closed, but yet they refuse to give in to that and get a good nights sleep out of it.

I am really at my end here and am hoping with all my hear that once we are settled into the new place and all is right and in its place that the night times and bed times are quiet again, relaxed again, and everyone will calm down as much as possible so we have a great family experience and family time in the new place and can make it our own as soon as possible and the kids will be happy to be there and only associate good memories with that place.   And until then it is trying to find the happy place people always talk about and make the best out of it all and try to enjoy every minute of the life you are given

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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