Sunday in my Casa

It is almost Thanksgiving people. I can’t believe how fast these past weeks have gone by, the year 2015 is basically gone. Its been crazy and we are living in between boxes and a half packed house since a few weeks now.

It’s all good and coming to an end though. We are finally starting to move!! Next week will be THE week of moving, Thanksgiving and new beginnings. And I am thinking, what better way to start into a new and better life than the week of Thanksgiving!?

Right now we are chilling on the couch, floor and chairs, watching Polar Express and drinking, how fitting, Hot Chocolate. The boys love it and it is a bit of togetherness since its not easy for them these days and past months with what ever is going on here and I am trying to get everything squared away and done in a) record time and b) without too much help from others.

Typical Scorpio I’d say. Always trying to get stuff done on my own and rarely asking for help. Next week will be the week when we start baking as well. Lots of good and yummy recipes for you all to follow, try out and indulge in. I am soo looking forward to that. I need normal life, Christmas time and Christmas cheers in this house, family and life. I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas,  getting the kids excited about it and have them see that there is not just the presents that are important. Family, Friends, togetherness and being thankful and grateful for what you have and who you have in your life as well. This Christmas will be a small one, comfortable one with lots of family time and love that will be spread.

I wish I could have all my friends, from all over the place, with me this Season and spend a wonderful time together. But I know it is not possible and so I am hoping on meeting up with all of them sooner or later in 2016. One friend at a time, and so I will make my rounds through this wonderful country. This, I think, will be one of my Christmas wishes this year. And of course seeing my family in 2016 as well.

Now, please enjoy your Sunday, spend time with the family and let them know you love them, cause you never know when it will be the last time you will see them….. always remember that!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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