Christmas …too early to decorate yet ?! 

 This is the Christmas tree at the South Hill Mall here in Washington. Do I like it? Of course. Do I think its too early? Yes.

Not just because we do things a bit different in Germany, but simply because I think you should celebrate on holiday after another. As soon as Halloween is over there is all the Christmas stuff in the shelf already, completely skipping Thanksgiving and the beautiful decorations that come with that. And it’s not even November 1st yet and all the stores are already playing Christmas music on their speakers and you get a Christmas overload no matter where you go. Once the actually holiday rolls around, and you are supposed to be in Christmas mood, you can’t possibly be anymore cause you had too much of it already.

I love Christmas, it is one of my favorite Holidays, especially since I have kids; but this is just too much IMO.
So many crazy people, decorating trees and all that before thanksgiving and I just think that it is too much to deal.

No matter if I am moving now or not, there won’t be any Christmas decoration in my house until at least December 1st and no Tree until at least the mid of December. At home, and while I was growing up,  there was no trees until a week before Christmas and the same with the decorations. I miss those days. And I will try to keep that nice and small again with my kids and concentrate on family and friends during and for the holidays. Baking, cooking, spending time together, Advent calendars, and all those fun little things you can do to spend time together as a family. Hot Chocolate move nights are one of my favorites tbh. And although I hate snow, I hope it snows so my kids can have a blast during their Christmas break 🙂


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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