To Style Or Not To Style

That is the most important question I am facing almost every day in my life since I’d say at lest 10 years.

Now, the few people that actually know me in person, know that I never had the problem of being too big or to chubby, no matter if I went through pregnancy or not. And yet, I was and am never that confident that I just wear what ever I want to, or skirts/dresses when ever I feel like it.

Yes, I might wear them at home, or in the summer when it is really hot and am in general even ok with my body, but the last bit of confidence was always missing that I leave the house in a skirt/dress when ever I feel like it, or no matter the season.

I do have, however, a few basics in my closet and am now on a mission. The goal: being that confident that I can wear what ever I want to and what ever I feel like. I did the first step about two years ago when it came to my glasses. I love my glasses, but mostly been very insecure because of them as well. Now I got some frames that are amazing, fit my face and I actually came to love them. Yes, of course I have times when I prefer contact lenses over glasses such as summer or just when going out, but mostly I am really ok with the geek look 🙂

Now it is off to step number two: clothes.
I love wearing skirts, I also like to think I got the legs and figure for it but yet, I am too shy and care too much still what others think about me when they see me, or when I leave the house like that. That will change too..soon.. I been looking around, finding a few cute outfits I like and would love to try and so the hunt for amazing clothes begins. Where to first? Thrift Stores. I love them. Lots of things you can find and good things at that.

First few steps were taken by buying my birthday outfit two weeks ago. I love my new leather jacket, the big, warm scarf and the pants with the booties. Then today I ordered me nice leather pants, which will become a stable in my closet as well. Off to get some cute sweaters and tops now I can wear when it is getting colder but also when I should be going out again. It’s a change that will take time and I need to build up the confidence to go out and wear that stuff but I know I can do it. I know I can make it work and become more and more confident again in what I do, say, wear and how I act.

So lets hope this journey goes well and the change is and will only be a good one. 🙂 I am excited for it and to see how it will go

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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