Tattoos, I love them

And it is true. I think there is nothing sexier than a man, or woman, with a (few) good Tattoo(s) on this earth. I love how some actually tell a story and are really, really personal to their owners and others are not as meaningful, but yet as important to the owners than everything else. It is not, nor will it ever be my business, what kind of tattoo you are getting, nor what it means to you. If you like, be proud of it.

I love how sexy a man can look, tattoos and a suit and beard and you automatically win with me, folks. There is nothing hotter than that. And man, there are amazing people out there that fit perfectly into this category.

Ladies, I love it when ladies have wonderful sleeves going on. Sleeves are too damn hot on ladies. Done right, and fitting the lady who wears it, its the best you can get.

I for once will get my sleeve started soon. Finally.. I been itching for new ink since quite a while and on Monday I checked out that one shop pretty close to my house and I love it. Its going to be two sittings, and still in a pretty good price range I been assuming anyways. I cannot wait until it is getting started and done.

Its going to be the first half of my arm, left, first and then we somehow incorporate my fairy (yes I am totally digging my fairies and wouldn’t change it in the world) into the whole thing and make it work so it can only look awesome. I am so stoked and really excited about it, can you tell?! Haha.
Once all that is done, I will have to get started on my back as well, and fix it so it will all come together and look amazing at the end. Yes, its going to be a lot of work and money of course, but I am so looking forward to get it all done, to be one amazing looking grandma one day lol

Once I will get it all started, I will be keeping you all updated with pictures and all as well, but I just had to tell you all cause I am so antsy to get it started and done and would rather start yesterday than have to wait until next year lol


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