The Untercut

…is what we do when we get bored.

I love my Caroline, and she is like me in soo many ways, I can’t even begin to mention and count them all. But next to her love for piercing and tattoos, she loves to mess with her hair as well. And mess is really not the right word for it, more like play and experiment. And hell do I approve.

Now there are moms out there, that probably won’t agree with me, but I have to say “its hair” and “it’ll grow back if you give it time and let it”. She has had so many color variations, where just a simple blonde is the quietest she had, and her blue, pink, green are some of the wilder choices.

She had it down to her butt, she had it pretty short. And now she has had it growing again since about 3-4 years, its pretty long again and a tame color with her chocolate brown. But she is getting bored.
So what do we do? We sit here, talk about it, look at some pictures and then she is getting her undercut. Yes, moms, she is getting her undercut. A nice ‘little’ triangle and since she has hear hair down most the time it don’t even matter that much.

She looks great, she loves it, it is her hair and it is the least she is doing to be ‘rebellious’ or what ever you want to call it.

Next week she sillier birthday present, early. Piercing number two. First one was a little stud in her nose and when she is 18 she wants her first tattoo.
Now, there a quite a few out there that ask if I am ok with it or how I, as a mom, can ok that?! I can tell you how:
First of all, I am pierced myself, and that more than just once or twice, and not just my ears either. So I have really no business on telling my daughter now when I have that.
Secondly, I am tattooed myself as well, am saving up to get my sleeve started and not to please anyone but me. Because it is something I want and have and therefore, again, I cannot tell my daughter she cannot have it or get it when I, as the mother, have the exact same thing.

Also, Id have her do these things, than do drugs or anything like that. She is a wonderful young woman who knows that the choices she makes are for live when it comes to the tattoos and that it will be thought out carefully. And so she is doing research, sitting down, drawing, picking out motive that will suit her and have a meaning to her and will fit her perfectly. I as the mom will support her division in what ever she will do with her life, live the rebellious streak and enjoy life. Because that is what it is there for, to enjoy it, to have fun and to make the best out of it as long as you are young.

So never judge a book by its cover, I have one smart cookie as a daughter who has her life planned out, figured out and is amazing in everything she does!!! World you better watch out, be prepared cause mini me is coming and she is better than I ever was or will be. Version 2.0 so to speak!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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