Moving… a love-hate relationship

Its been soo long now that I been looking for different places, filling out applications, looking at the best options for me and my minions and since two weeks it seems that I might have finally found something.

It is a lot of paperwork that comes along with it since it is a low income housing type of deal but, id rather do the paperwork then be homeless by the time December first rolls around. I love the people there, we been having fun while filling out all the things, driving back and forth to just get things in order and then, today, they call again.
We need some more paperwork please.

I mean really? What more can you possibly need after I literally gave you all I had already? But you know what? Its cool. I got all you need, know exactly where I need to look for what you want and so I’m at your place about 20 minutes later to give that to you and hoping, that this is really ALL you need now and I will still be able to move in from Wednesday or Thursday on.

Its a great place and I am just soo ready  to start over. Start new and get out of the ‘living out of boxes’ style and am ready to start the Holidays in our house as well. I know thanksgiving will b done and over with and very low key in our house this year, but I am so stoked and excited for Christmas and all that comes with it, you won’t believe it. I really can’t wait to start all that in the new place. 🙂 it will be a great time and experience for all of us

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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