Thanksgiving…on the down low

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely people out there!!!!

I do wish each and everyone of you a very happy and wonderful day, that you will get to see and spend some well needed time with friends and family and enjoy great food!

Be thankful for the little things in life as much as for the things that stand out a bit more when you are thinking back, cause it is mostly the little things that are the most important ones!!

Sadly, we forget too often to be thankful for the little things, the mornings we wake up healthy and still breathing. The house we get to clean cause it means we have a roof over our heads. The money we spend on food cause it means we have the ability to provide for our family. Our early mornings cause we have our children that love us.

Enjoy your day today with friends and family cause it is not always granted that you get to spend all days, or a day like today, with the ones you love. Mostly, I am thankful for the men and women who cannot spend the holidays with their loved ones cause they are out, defending and serving our country and making sure we get to spend the holidays in peace.

I know I will cherish every day I get with my kids, fiends and family cause it is the best things I will get in life. No matter if they have days where they drive me crazy or the nights when they shower me with love and kisses 🙂


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…on the down low

    1. Thank you so much!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, spent with friends and family and lots of memories made! Mine turned out to be a wonderful one and I am very thankful for that, especially in times like these. Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe my friend!!

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