Today I am happy ….

It has been a crazy day yesterday, the downs were definitely more than the up’s and it weighed heavy on my heart for the best part of my day.

And what does a girl do when she is down and needs a good time and to relax? Yes. She either goes shopping or gets her hair did. I did the latter of the two and I am completely loving it.

So here I am 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon, on my way to the salon and my wonderful friend and the last minute decision on how I want my hair lol.

This picture was taken this morning, when I was done staying it by myself,. I have to say though, I am a total lazy bum and really not that talented when it comes to styling hair and all that, but even I think I was able to pull it off ok. A few curles, some gel, and I am ready to go and still in love.

Its been a process, we started around 530pm, with some goo juice, burgers, and a MCFlurry to top it off while I am sitting there, waiting for my hair to get darker, and closer to my natural color, again. We definitely have fun when we do things like that.

And by about 730pm we were done. My dear friend showed me how to put in some curls so it actually holds and yeah, now after one night sleeping on it it did not even look bad so right out of bed 🙂
Styling really did not take me longer than five minutes, and therefore I decided a few things.

A) I am happy I don’t have long hair anymore
B) short hair fits me so much better
C) it compliments my face and neck/shoulders so much better (its the truth ppl)
D) styling is as easy as 1,2,3

Don’t hate, I’m awesome like that LOL but seriously though, I am happy my last minute decision of cutting the hair a bit and not just doing color was the best I made and to do it yesterday to turn a shitty day around and to get in a better mood from that moment on.

Now enjoy life my friends and appreciate the little things, for they are the most important one at times !!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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