Friends ….

It is true when they say that the most wonderful, happy, great, best moments are the ones that happen spontaneously. And fitting with it all happening on Thanksgiving I am especially grateful for a wonderful friend I was not able to see and/or talk to in almost two years and we hit it off like no time has passed at all.

Yesterday morning I was still pretty chill and not doing much for the Holiday with my boys cause a) we are still packing/moving/waiting to move and live out of, or in between, boxes most the time and b) it was only my and the boys so you don’t cook a whole damn turkey and all the fixings or you eat it for a whole year.

SO while I was hanging out on FB, writing with people, talking to friends and doing my usual morning things, that friend wrote me, we talked and at 1pm I found myself and the boys parked in front of their house, ready to spend a great day filled with lots of talk, fun and friends and all that topped off with a great dinner.

The boys all got a long great, the youngest ones had the most fun I believe or so it seemed from time to time and around 8pm we were back home, safe and sound and with a new friend Tyler made that day 🙂
I was just so happy that the day went by so smoothly and although we both come from the same different background with our last relationship/marriage, I am so so happy and grateful that we both made it out safe and sound with our kids and are now able to start a new life, live a new life and do so much better than we did before!! Shout out to all the great, wonderful and strong people that were, still are and have to go through what we went through.

I am thankful we made it out alive and are now on this earth to proof that we are made for greater and better things all along!!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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