Saturday got me like Sunday

Yes folks, I know, it is only Saturday but from the moment I woke up it got me like bam, Sunday…

I don’t know if it is just because it was a day off for the kids yesterday, no school because of the Holiday, or what ever it is. I just seriously feel like it’s the end of the weekend already. This, on the other hand, sucks major cause I feel like going out, wanna go out, and don’t really have anyone to come with either.

Either people are just coming home, some I know are still in kind of a food coma, and others just don’t want to go out. Its as plain as that.
Here I am, single again, in this going out mood and yeah, still knowing how much it sucks when you have to go out alone. I was never big on going out alone or by myself. Yes, I know you will always meet people once you are out of your house and where you wanted to go, but the steps until then can be rather difficult to achieve in my opinion.

I never been one to go out by myself though and always rather have some friends with me. For once I know it will be fun no matter what, kinda don’t have to rely on people I just meet/met, and yeah, it just makes and made me always feel a bit more confident when I am not completely by myself.

But for tonight we will see.
I wish my few and far good friends could come with me, but they are you too far away, all over this country and it would take too damn long to just get us all together in one place haha. So I might really just throw on some amazing looking clothes, doll up a bit, but not too much cause its just a bar over all, and then see what troubles I can get into this time. I mean, you are only as old you as you feel, and you are only 34 once… right!?

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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