Of Lost Things And Such


I really don’t know how this could happen to me of all sober people. I lost my damn bank card and drivers license yesterday and it was passing me off today once I actually needed to leave the house and found out that I did so.

After going back to where it could have been maybe, leaving my name and phone number in what ever rare case that someone would actually bring it in or back, and driving back home with an almost empty tank of gas, I called defeat and called the bank to order a new card. It is what it is I guess and I rather be safe than sorry. Although if I should find the card somehow, somewhere I cannot use it for the next 5-7 days cause it is already put a lock on it so no one else can use it. Yes, I am going to bite my ass if that is the case cause if you look at it with a normal point of view I need gas, drinks, and the car to go back and forth with all the moving stuff which I am now theoretically not able to do for the next week ūüė¶

My license is hopefully in a  friends car and I am waiting on a text or call back to see if it is actually there. If so, my bank card will be as well and I will send you all a picture where I am biting my butt lol

In other news of this weird day I took an unexpected long nap, the Seahawks won their game with 39:30 at the end and after quite a nailbiter of a game I heard and my little minions been really good today. I think it is fair to say everyone had a blast and fun was to be had as much as for anyone possible.

I am now praying that my license and card will be found, I get a replacement sooner than 5 days from now on and that I will also get a call for the apartment tomorrow that tells me I will b ready to move in from the same day on. Then I get to painting the boys room and taking furniture apart and when that is all done I really just need gas money and I am good to go to finally get my butt in gear and get moving..

And with these positive thoughts I will be leaving you for now, get my behind outside for a little evening walk, bundled up and all and hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday evening!!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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