So, Anyways

Ain’t that a great start to begin anything!? lol

I got some good news right now though and wanted to share them. Also, put my last few cents in for the day before I go and get my sweet ass to bed.

After I took an unwillingly nap earlier this afternoon I got my butt up, cleaned and straightened up the house a bit with the kids as well and then I got me moving again. A night time walk through the neighborhood, and I have to say I will miss this neighborhood. It is so amazing for the kids to be growing up here, all nice and quiet and the people are always, and I mean always, friendly and helpful and I was so lucky with our direct neighbors cause they helped me out for so much!
And as I walk, one foot in front of the other, I love to see all the Christmas lights that are starting to appear and the houses neatly decorated.
Its the season, my friends, its the season!

So yeah, after a few minutes outside, its been just too cold to take a longer walk than a block or two, I felt better. I really felt good.
It was great, it did good, and you know when they say it somewhat clears your really does. Or at least you feel like it does.
Of course will your problems not go away, disappear or just poof into thin air, but it will be possible that you will have a way clearer view of things and might come up with an idea or two you haven’t thought of yet.

So it was this night… after I of course called the bank already to block my bank card and order a new one, my friend texted me this evening that he found my card in his friends car. Ugh. So tomorrow I gotta go to the bank and see what they are saying so I can get some money for gas and to get back and forth to my appointments I have tomorrow. The new card will be here in 5-7 days but yeah, rather safe than sorry I say. I could not have known for sure that they were in his car and so id rather just block the card to make sure NoOne can get to it than the other way around…

And for now, I am getting ready to go to bed, the kids are on their way to bed and yeah, I could use a good nights sleep too I think. Overall, tomorrow is a new day and a new week and a great opportunity to make a whole lot of new and great things happen….
Good Night Folks….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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