The Snaps and the Chats 

Man, don’t you love it… the days when you sit around, minding your own business or thinking what you can get into now!?

snapchat queen
I got those days, quite a bit actually. And what do I do when I have those days you ask? Well, I sit down and snapshot mostly. Or I start sending my wonderful friends, whom I am still thankful for that they did not abandon me yet with all my craziness, my life’s story in pictures haha

It starts from the moment I literally open my eyes, and am able to  handle a phone and operate my camera until I am going to bed… ok granted I am really taking a picture for every minute of my day and/or life, but there are a few every few hours or so and it is quite fun.

I mean, come on.. gotta go with the times a bit and have fun and roll with the punches so to speak lol

I love it though. With all the people I know from around the world it is such a  fun way to communicate, to stay in touch and let people be part of your life!! There is almost nothing better, except meeting up in person again of course. But that is not always possible when you want to see the other person.

So if y’all wanna keep up and see what’s cooking in my life:

Snapchat: silkecruz
IG: Silke Cruz or being_me81
Twitter: being_me81
Facebook: Silke Cruz

So have fun stalking, add me, talk to me, and who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy some craziness from me soon as well and grow to love me like all my other friends have 🙂


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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