When It Rains It Pours

And not just the weather today, people. Its been raining every since I got home yesterday and I hate it. This is the time of year I really dislike up here in Washington. The constant rain and wet and cold. No snow really. No white Christmas most the time and just wondering what you could do while you are stuck in the house mostly.

But, the worst part about this whole rain thing today: I still need to drive so much stuff back and forth and I literally can’t right now. My car decided it does not want to work right and so I need a friend of the family to check that out first cause I am not driving and loading it up and then being stuck somewhere on the side of the road cause it don’t work at all anymore.

So I am kind of stuck in my house, can’t do thrift store runs, coffee runs (I soooo need coffee people, you won’t believe it!!), or anything else. Can’t even go up the the new place and start sorting through and putting away stuff cause it involves driving again and that is a no go for right now.

I just hope the car will be fixed soon and I can use it again!! Need to cause there is no other way I can get all this done with no car at all 😦

But for the rest of this wonderful world I do hope the day is going well, as planned and hey, its almost Friday !!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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