Happy Hump Day

Or for myself its more like happy you are done moving day…

It’s been quite a journey and tonight, after we drove my daughters bf to his meet, I decided I’ll be going with the kids and get a Christmas tree. Yes, I wrote about it before, and was not sure when to do it, or not before Saturday but: Tonight they are all together, we spend some family time after everyone is done doing homework, cooking dinner and such that I think it is  a great ending to a day.

The house itself is pretty Christmasy already, and there is really only the tree missing.

Also, after this month is pretty much done, I went ahead and booked myself a massage for Friday. Since almost three weeks now I am dealing with this half pinched muscle that can’t decide whether it wants to bug me or not. Mostly It decides to do so when I can’t have it no mater what and the moving has been rather icky with that. Sometimes I had to watch out what I am doing, how I am moving and even driving sometimes got a bit challenging cause I could feel how that damn thing wanted to slide where it don’t belong.
SO, as a Christmas present to myself, I booked that massage on Friday. And man, I cannot tell you all how much I am looking forward to it. Not juts because it will do me good, but because it will be an hour full of quiet, no kids, no boxes, no moving, nothing. Literally nothing but laying down, relaxing and having a wonderful relaxed time.

It cannot get any better to start a weekend like that 🙂

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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