Yes, It Is Almost Done

It is almost mid Deus to say that I am finally almost done moving.
The boxes, furniture and everything else that was stacked in here with only a bit of walk way for the people that were supposed to occupy this place shortly, are almost gone, and it is so much more livable here right now than it was last wee, on Thursday.

Furniture is where it needs to be, the kids rooms are all cleaned up and I only have to go through the toys to see what can go thrift store and what stays here.
The kitchen is missing a shelf, and as soon as I will find the damn drill that decided to play hide and seek at a very bad time, it will be on the wall and my groceries will have a home as well. Yeah, no pantry in this place but that is ok.
And the next step then is to do one last thrift store run with all the last toys and need anymore and then we are done. Finished. Ready to live in here.

The old place is empty since last night at 1730 and I am so happy that it finally is that way. I was so sick of driving back and forth, had to get gas four times already in about 9 days or so and its time that it is all over and done with ….

Tomorrow we will be headed out to get a Christmas tree cause I saw that the one we got is slightly garbage and so it has to go. No unnecessary stuff has to stay here. So the kids and I will go and pick out a Christmas tree tomorrow. This month is really eating up money big time. But most of it is because of the move and yeah, it will be better from January on I hope. Once we are all settled, I don’t have to drive the middle one back and forth from school and can hopefully get a job real soon!! It’s all in the making, one step at a time working toward it and it will happen. I know it will.

As for now, we keep doing what we do, live life as good as we can and tonight is laundry night 🙂

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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