Rainy days 

There is beauty in everything, sunshine, rain, stormy days, you can find beauty in everything and anything if you are just willing to look close enough.

raindrops are falling

This picture I took before I left my car after running all kinds of errands this morning and it wouldn’t stop raining. You can say what you want, rain is a beautiful and well needed thing. Without it there wouldn’t be any life on this earth, there would be no flower that blooms, no person living, we all need water to survive.

And it has its stunning moments when it rolls of your windshield like that and you get a chance to capture it and get an amazing picture out of it.

Call me crazy, but I doing driving in the rain either. It is nice to hear it falling onto the windows, if it is night time the kids fall asleep faster in the car and its just nice.

Of course my all time favorite if I do not have anything else to do on rainy days is just to cuddle up with coffee or hot chocolate, a blanket, my kids, a few awesome movies and spend the day indoors, chilling and relaxing and having a movie marathon. If you can do that all day  is the best thing in the world with your kids to do. At this time of the year Christmas movies are the best go to choice when it comes to movies and just watch the kids excitement while they are watching the movies…. I love my little family 🙂

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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