Thursday Mornings

It’s almost Friday again, half the week is over, Thursday is usually always a good day, and people are in a much more happier mood than on Mondays lol.

We been running around yesterday, trying to see if we could find a Christmas tree that maybe all of us liked but, I’m sad to say, it was not so.
We are arguing about everything these days, mostly my oldest and I, and it really is not that fun anymore.

Last night, or better very early this morning, I then started questioning everything that lead up to the point and the apartment we are in now. It’s been such a long and tough road and especially with a teenager, its tough to do.
For example: Her birthday is on Sunday. Two weeks ago I took her so she could get another piercing after we agreed that it will be her birthday present cause those are expensive as well. She was totally fine with it, we went, we got it done, the shop and the people are awesome, all is well.
Except two days ago, she sits in my car and as I ask her if she has any idea on what she wants to do on her birthday she gets all moody (yes, teenager, I know!) and tells me how she does not know what she wants to do, that there is nothing to do and the way she sees it, there won’t be any birthday presents for her anyways.

That was when I really got sad and Angry at the same time cause she got a $50 gift from me she is wearing in her nose all day and she will get money from grandparents so she can buy what she would like and still she sits there and says she will get noting for her birthday. How can someone be that moody and not see that in the situation we are in I already go above and beyond to get her what she needs for school, as much for her birthday or Christmas as she wants but just because it is not a $700 phone or a $900 camera it does not count?

I was lucky when I got presents that were as much as $100 simply because my parents couldn’t afford that much but I knew it and I was happy with what I got and I knew they still tried to get me what ever they could afford and I wanted in any way possible…

So yeah, the rest of the drive in that car was very quiet. I don’t know how else I am supposed to explain to her what we can and cannot afford but maybe I should just write down for her what we already spend in these first few days of December and that is not counting in Christmas or anything but just the moving, her school stuff, car stuff (otherwise there will be fines to pay) and her piercing and the extras she got already. And Toray is only the 10th of December….. I am really out of ideas slowly and to get her to not be so ignorant and do the only chore she has to do around here next to her homework is a whole other story and battle that needs to be fought on a daily basis.

It ain’t easy with teenagers but this takes it to a whole other level I was never in my life prepared for since she and her step dad got along so well and she saw nothing really wrong in how things went down. She is so much like him, it is really hard sometimes but, I will pull through it, she will understand on day and then we are all grown up some more and maybe one day we will be able to talk and get along normal and without all the hurt and pain and what ever else there is that comes with this whole situation…. A long and tough road to be traveled, that is for sure though!!


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