12 days to Christmas

Yes people, it is getting real.

Today we are, as previously mentioned, busy with the birthday of my lovely Caroline. It will be a mall kind of day and it will be fun.

She got some money, and so we are going shopping. I got my eye on a wonderful dress, and I will be buying that today, she will probably hang out at hot topic and use her gift card there to get some cute stuff… and me even getting something from there as well. I love their dresses and sweaters and all.

So we will be hanging out, having fun, checking out stores, getting some make up and I will secretly getting an idea of what to get the boys for Christmas. It’s that time were I really need to get everything together so I am done with the shopping part and can concentrate on finish baking, fixin up kitchen and bathroom and getting the house ready for this Holiday Season.

It’s been a long day at the mall, with some victories, some disappointment and lots of idea for me as to what to get the boys for Christmas 🙂
And around 1900 I send Caroline and her bf out to dinner so they got to spend some time without the mom and the siblings… overall I think it’s been a good day and we did more than we usually do on birthdays cause she normally always says she has ‘no idea’ on what she wants to do

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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