Is It Friday Yet 

Seriously, is it Friday !?

my mornings

I know it is only Tuesday, but Monday has been stressful as hell and today did not really start any different. Applying for all kinds of things when you still wait on all kinds of paperwork is a pain in your behind and nothing is really moving along, or so you think, cause you know it does but it sure as hell just does not seem like it.

We did really apply for anything we need now. And Mr, lets call him  ‘Mr CAO’, is really becoming my best friend in this whole journey through a life looking like a obstacle course with all these different things of paperwork, briefings and such. Death certificates, birth certificates, offices here, there, everywhere. Just call these people cause it is faster but never call these people, make appointments at the offices instead.
Change your ID cards, work on your paperwork you need for yourself, find a job, wait for the investigation to be done …..kinda just be up in the air with everything that is regarding to any and all information about what actually happened until we are done investigating so we can actually tell you what you will get, what help you can count on and so on… it’s been a crazy life these past months.

And mostly I ain’t complaining cause it is just how it works and it is what it is. Bur for me, if I have a quiet minute to sit down, is so much there that does not just add up, that is weird when you think about it and where I just want and need answers too. Mostly I know he has been doing quite a number on me and the kids so we really might not get much help after all but, I just need to know what exactly happened so I can be done with it. So it is ‘closure’ and just some kind of peace of mind because you know now what exactly happened or what they all found out.

It’s crazy, and I don’t with this situation and what is going on on anybody, but I also am quite certain that if God was not sure I could handle it, he would have not put me through all of this. He has a plan and although I am really not sure what that plan is, I know I am not be doing all this for nothing, I will come out stronger at the end then I was when I went and started this whole adventure 8 years ago, that is for sure.

Trust your journey, trust in God, and He will lead you to where you need to be….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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