8 Days Til Christmas Eve

And as most of you know, in Germany we do more on Christmas Eve than Christmas Day.

It is the time of the year were I really miss home. I know all the guys that are away from home, Army or no Army don’t matter, miss it too and can understand what I am feeling probably.
It is tough being away from home, especially around the Holidays.

Here is a bit of insight on what my family always did every year when I was younger, and even when I just started out being a mom I kept all of the traditions upw with my family and my daughter:

About three days before Christmas we got our tree up, decorated it and it mostly was a family thing. Getting everything ready. Tree always in the living room, and always a live tree.
On Christmas Eve my mom, me, my siblings and my grandma went to church and my favorite part was the play. Always. And once my daughter was born it was as well cause she got to watch the play, the live animals and have an amazing time in church, singing songs, enjoying it all.

My dad always stayed home cooking, getting dinner ready for us for when we were back home. It’s always just a small dinner, hotdogs, some potato salad most the times and we always had dinner in the kitchen. All this while the living room was locked and we were not allowed to go anywhere near that room or even that locked door.
I remember, one year, my brother and I were nosy and did not really believe my mom that the Christine (Christ child) exists and we went through the hallway, arguing who would look through the key hole, maybe seeing the Christkind, maybe finding out if it is real or not. Kids, right!?

Anyways, at the end me being the oldest decided I’m gonna take my chances and see what I can find out, bend down, looked through the key hole and as soon as I did, someone blew in my eye. Imagine my face lol. My brother did not really believe me, did the same and of course, the same happened to him lol. So there we were, 6 and 5 years old, believing for at least one more night.

And we were only allowed to go into the room when we heard a bell ring, telling us that the Christkind was just here. It was always lots of fun and of course the older we got, the less we ‘believed’ in the whole bell thing but I got a whole new appreciation of it once my daughter was old enough to experience it.
And after the whole present thing, we all just sat down, drank punch, ate cookies, TV on in the background with wonderful Germany Christmas movies and we just had a great time as a family.
And the big feast was always Christmas Day lunch. Goose, Kloese, Salad, dessert and what ever else my dad started cooking really early in the morning. Yes, my dad always cooked in my family. Not cause my mom could not cook but cause he was always home from work earlier than my mom and so it just established like that.

And then there was of course the whole debate that started weeks earlier: Who are you going to visit when!? You gotta be with the godparents, then with the aunts and uncles and then the god children of your parents and everywhere we went we went as a family. It was not “mom and dad you go, I don’t fell like it” no, it was all or nothing loll… It’s always been a whole family or none thing in our house.

So yeah, this was a little story about my family Christmas when I was a kid, growing up. These days I am trying to keep some of the traditions I had alive and we do the tree together, as close to Christmas as possible. Never in November already, we do the presents either or. This year I think it will be all on Christmas Eve though with Christmas movies, hot chocolate and comfy pajamas. And on Christmas day we will have a yummy lunch, play all day and just enjoy family time.
The only thing I did not do this year due to the moving and all is baking cookies. I miss it and I might see that I get that in next week, a few days before Christmas so we have at least a few home made cookies in the house. I always loved making cookies with my grandma 🙂 Best memories ever!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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