Tis The Season

Yes it is, for last minute shopping, moody people everywhere you go, frustrated people, long lines where you can take pictures with Santa, parking lots that are bursting cause everyone still needs to get this or that for family, friends, co workers…. and I am sitting over here like, chill people, where is the Christmas spirit?

It’s two days until Christmas Eve and this is the least Christmassy I felt in years. Why? I am not sure. Got a pretty good idea, but not sure… So much has happened and it is the first time we will have a complete different Christmas… I miss friends, family, Germany, the little things in life…

People need to take a step back, smile, be happy and don’t let the stress get to them. I don’t think it should be stressful when you go shopping for your family or friends, it should be fun. Have fun when you pick out something you want to give them. Think about what you want to have for them, and if it is not in a store, maybe make it yourself? I find the best Christmas presents and wishes are not to find in stores anyways. Its the time you get to spend with your family and friends, the hugs, the love, the days/evenings you get to spend together and the fun you (hopefully) have while doing so.

I been baking these past two evenings, the house smells good, the tree is up, the presents are all bought and I really just need to wrap it all. But, this year the wrapping spirit is missing. I usually love to do so, to see the finished present when I am done with it, imagining what the kids will look like when they open them, but this year…. it’s all bought and waiting for me to get on with it. I really need to.

But for today it’s Christmas movies, board games, hot chocolates, coffee, no snow, and some more things to do around the apartment before I will finally get to it tonight when the kids are sleeping. Some are done and under the tree already from their grandparents in CA, and the ones from the grandparents in Germany arrived as well….

Overall I think Christmas will be welcome in this house and we are as ready as can be. We are doing it German style this year, which means presents on Christmas Eve, punch, cookies, movies, family time and big dinner on Christmas Day….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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