Weekend Recap

Man, the weekend started off not good at all. Me and my teenager had a huge fall out, and its been quite something. But we had everything bottle up kind of since October to get everything done, everything settled and yeah… it’s been a challenge on Saturday, that’s for sure.  And at one point, she had her bf pick her up and just left the house so we had some distance there. I was here with the boys and was so glad that they had their day where they got along amazingly so I did not have to play referee with them as well.

Sunday we had an amazing day though. We started off with breakfast at iHop which I think we should keep doing more cause I have a blast hanging out with my minions and just being out of the house with them, have them run around and just see how much fun they have.
After the breakfast we were thinking of strolling through the mall, but it was a very bad idea once we got there.

A) There were no parking spots left and
B) I think as soon as the holidays roll around I think people really believe there won’t be anything left anymore when they can’t get their shopping, grocery shopping… in BEFORE Christmas and they all gonna starve to death as soon as Christmas is done and over with cause there won’t be any food left….

People never cease to amaze me though. Really…

In the evening we went and did the Fantasy Lights at Spanaway Park here in WA, only about ten minutes away from where we live now. I already posted some pictures yesterday and we all had a blast. It was a good idea, but you really could have thought there was something you got for free for as many cars as there were waiting. But once we were in the park, drove through it, the kids had a blast. My youngest sang Jingle Bells, my oldest loved the Alien Christmas and my middle one adored the dinosaurs and Gingerbread houses and -people ….happy faces all around so to speak.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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