Happy Hump Day People


Yes, I know, I need to write more again. Its been crazy and not really my week I tell you. I need a new keyboard for my laptop, actually a new laptop or tablet would be nice seein that this one is already a bit older haha, my car is giving me trouble and I will have to bring it in today at 11am to get it checked out and hopefully fixed with out being too expensive. It always happens when you least need it I tell you.

The night before last I spend at the ER with my oldest and we were not happy campers, always leaving with more ‘goodies’ than what you went there for in the first place. Hence she has been on the downward slope all day yesterday and I am glad she got it out her system before she went to sleep last night.
On that note, cat bites and scratches are never fun but you are lucky if you don’t need any shots while you sit at the ER and get to look at some eye candy doctors ūüėČ

Seriously though people, what am I doing with my life? Someone asked me that question the other day and I honestly had to say I don’t know. Yes, I studied back home, I had my job, made money and had a normal life like everyone else. Then I became a mom again, and that was my life: being mommy, being there for the kids, and never really had the support from the significant other to go to school, or study more¬† or do anything. It was always a given that I am ‘just’ there for the kids and do the house basically.

Now, about 8 years later, me by myself again, working out all the kinks that life threw at me and I really need to ask myself that question again: what do I want to do?
What is it that I am good at and that could support my family as well? Do I go back to school? Or do I jump and start something completely new with the faith that it will all work out cause you put your heart and hard work into it?

Yes, people, I am at the fork in the road so to speak where it is either left or right. Either road less traveled  or mainstream and just move with the masses? Its for me to find out, some ideas are forming and once everything is settle with what is going on right now, I am sure I will have THE plan and am ready to jump:)



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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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