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Its been such a long time since I been to the movies, its crazy people….
I been going regularly over in Korea to watch my Harry Potter when they came out; yeah I am a nerd that way as you might have been able to tell already.

So anyways, after coming here I almost never went, waited till the movies were out on demand or DVD if I wanted to see them and so the years passed by one after another. Until yesterday.
I was so itching to go and see a new movie. And lets face it, with all them movies that are out these days it’s even kind of hard to make a choice as to what to actually watch. Which I thought I had figured out with either Star Wars or the last of the Hunger Games but of course it always has an unexpected turn in there somewhere.

At the end I ended up watching The Forest with a friend and I am actually really happy we went and saw that one instead of the other two. Thank god to the seat gods that did not have any seats next to each other in the whole damn theater.
It was a great movie I must say. I like Horror movies, although this one  (and I have to agree with my daughter here who saw that same movie the day before) that it had potential to be way scarier than it actually was. It was a great story and build up really nicely but as said, the potential was there to be way scarier than it actually was.
But I must also say, that I would not take my younger kids to see it, although it is as I believe a PG13 movie.

Its been a nice little trip tonight and I was glad I was going. Saw a few nice previews for some good ones coming out this year which I will try to go and see at the theater as well and who knows, maybe going to the movies will eventually be a regular thing again one day. It would be great I have to say though.

Who ever likes some good ‘Horror’ movies, or better some good thrillers, should definitely go and watch The Forest and tell me what you think of it.

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