Life never gets boring 

When you think life finally settles down… Something is abut to happen again just to let you know to not get too comfy where you at right now.

when the alarms go off,you step outside and this is the first thing you see

After the kids and I were outside it seemed a few times as if our bldg might have been next to suffer flames and heat but although we are only two feet away, it seemed to stay put in just one bldg. the firefighters and first responders were here quickly and tried to put it all out as fast as humanly possible.


this is what is left after everyhting is said and done and the last flames are put out finally

At the end there were minor injuries, the lady I saw jumping out her apartment into the backyard is except for some smoke inhalation and the only thing really badly hurt is the building itself with six u it’s completely done for and burned down.

Thank gos we are all ok, more or less and God seemed to watch over all of us tonight. Doing double duty with fires as it was one of those days anyways.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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