The Morning After

…its been a short night in my house. Waking up it sure was a bit surreal but once we headed out the door, walking by the neighbor building, it sure was real.

Puddles still in the parking lot, the apartments just completely burned down and as I said yesterday, I am just really happy that overall the only thing that was really damaged and broken is the apartments and the material things but no person and no bigger injuries were had.

My little guy was pretty tired this morning, today ideally bedtime and the youngest minion is still sleeping. The oldest is on her way to school and also got not enough sleep at all but I know at the end all of them will be fine. Tonight is definitely family time and hanging out together, enjoying some great and fun family time and the life we have together, and to be thankful that we are all alright.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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