Its A Sick Day In This Casa

I literally could feel it coming on the moment I got my butt out of bed, kids are sick…

The youngest already crawled into bed with me some time during the night and I could smell he was on his way to a bad day. The middle minion got up all white and dizzy, and the oldest was the one that went to school no matter what. Extra points for her cause she really needs to go, get good grades and what not.

The rest of this family spend their day laying around, throwing up, having fevers and just being lazy for the whole day today. Of course being lazy can be fun but when the kids take turns of throwing up and all its more of a stressful day for this momma then a relaxing day. At the end though all the meds kicked in, the fevers are gone, for now, and now we are waiting to see if they keep dinner down or not… oh the fun we have

Other than that our days are pretty normal again, the house where the fire was is completely fenced off by now and people are checking on it, still no cause or clue as to what happened exactly and so we are still kinda waiting on that one. But everything is still the way it was when they jumped out the window, mattress, burned wood and what not… time will tell I guess but as for now its just creepy. Why? Cause all that is left in that building is some dolls that are not burned on a window sill in the second floor… and if that is not creepy I don’t know what is lol

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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