It is Friday people, one week done again, we are all still alive and I think it is safe to say we are ready to enjoy some fine weekend.

I been pretty productive this morning already, got up early, enjoyed some quiet time, got the middle minion to the bus and let me tell you, although it looks pretty gray outside and it is kinda wet, the weather was not too bad and it actually felt good to be out the house, have some wind going through your hair and enjoy some sunrise here in the PNW.

Now I am done with my work out, my butt and legs WILL be grateful one day, and have some time to just sit down, enjoy some detox tea and Today’s quote is

Your Soul Is Your Highest Self 

As for my car, I still don’t have it back yet. Today is the day I will be calling in again, and pick it up for sure. I just know it. Also, I need to go grocery shopping and run some errands and that is damn stressful and nearly impossible with a toddler and no car haha.

But it is no reason to get stressed out, it is life and life happens on a daily basis. Make the best of it, enjoy the days where you can slow down and rest up for the days where you will be busier than usual. Turn up the music, dance like no one is watching, enjoy your life and live a little.

I’m doing it right now, taking it way back with the notorious BIG and having a. blast 🙂 sometimes you just need some good old school to relax and, who is down to go out this weekend…..

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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