Damn it People


Why? Why is nothing going to go smooth for once? As y’all might have caught up, I got my car back. Yes, its back!! And I love it. Its been great to have it back home, I missed it and I was finally able to run all the errands I needed to these past 1.5 weeks I was without a car. I still got one thing to do today but that’s ok. Gonna load the minions into the car and we make a party out of it as usual.

Yesterday then I been seeing some friends of mine, we had dinner, some wine, the minions were playing and running around and by the time I get home around my minions bedtime I see that I don’t have my license. Wtf man!? I had it all damn day and now I cannot find that damn thing.

So my first thing today is calling up my friends, see if it is somewhere at their place. if not, my ass has to go down to the DMV to get that damn thing replaced for $20 and then I need to do an address change as well…. Why can’t it go smooth for once? Why is that so hard for my life to just set its course on smooth sailing and that was that?

Why is it, that there is always troupe in one from or another? I mean, come on folks, it can’t be that it’s like that is all the damn time, can it?! It now is half past nine, youngest minion is up, middle minion is still sleeping and the oldest didn’t go to bed before at least 1 in the morning so she is living her usual teenager life. But I have to say, she did quite some studying for her math finals next week and that is very good news.
The not so good news on the school subject: Her math teacher is really a tool, and  don’t ask me why, he hates her guts. And its not just a “you just probably feel like that cause he looked at you wrong one day while you were in a bad mood” kinda thing. Nope. Its a full blown lets see how I can make her life miserable and get her the worst grades possible by dragging out what I can. Aka not having her catch up on tests in time, not putting in the work she did online for her grades or when he does its three weeks late and although it is his fault she is getting the worst grades ever still.

So on Monday my butt is sitting in school to get an appointment for my teenage minion with her counselor and the principal to see what we can do about it; we got all the proof when she did the work, when he put it in and so the fun begins next week for me and her to get it straightened out. If not, she brought up online school again, yes in WA you can do that and homeschooling, to finish up her senior year like that. My problem with it, we tried that before and she did not show the thrive to get her stuff done, sit down, work for it on her own. So we will see how that goes. Plus for her last year I would love to keep her in school, have her finish high school with her friends and the people that grew close to her…..

So yeah, smooth sailing is not going to happen in this casa for a long time I believe…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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