Last day of School for this Week 

It is Thursday. Somehow we made it this far into the week already and we are still all alive and breathing.

The middle minion has his last day of school today, tomorrow was reserved for snow day make up. But since we did not have any snow this year (crossing my fingers that the white stuff stays gone until next Christmas!!), it is a day off for the minion.

The oldest though has school today and tomorrow, and two days of make up tests to do which will be a pain in the butt for me cause I have to listen to all this whining lol. But I hope she is doing good and studied enough cause math is not her strong suit this year sadly.

Today’s morning detox tea wisdom:

Intelligence and intuition are two friends.

I can tell you all, its going to be a relaxed, tea drinking, quiet enjoying morning in this house since its going to rain all day anyways. Me and the youngest minion just going to make a pajama day today and tomorrow its errands and such again.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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