One For The Books…Online Dating Part 1

I think everyone who’s been single for a while has had the thought of online dating, or at least trying it and seeing if there’s an chance at all to maybe find THE person made for you that way.
First of all though: is there THE person that is just made for you? And is online really the way to go for that?

Overall I think you will find creepy, weird, interesting and/or fun people where ever you go. Be it online or live and in color, that is out of the question; if you are just willing to get your cute ass off the couch and make it out there, put in the effort to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. If you are lucky enough you will even find one or two persons you will find easy to talk to and you might even be able to start a friendship. Cause, let’s face it, if you want a relationship that lasts you need a great foundation and that is friendship; there you see if you found someone you can talk to, be goofy with, be serious when you need to be, and someone you can just enjoy life with.

In this time and day it’s getting harder and harder to find someone I think, cause dating definitely is not what it was once and too many call ‘booty calls’ dating already. Or people know each other for two days straight and jump right into full blown relationship mode which can be a really bad idea at the end as well.

I ask you, what happened to actual dating? To get to know each other? To go out on a few dates, see if you even have anything in common with the person that is sitting across from you? Yes, I agree, it is a plus if there is any physical attraction, but we are all adults and you think we have our hormones under control?!

So you see, for me dating (live and on color) is getting harder cause I am not one made for a booty calls and if I date you, I eventually see potential in you to build something long term cause I don’t need the whole short fling thing and then you are gone again. My feelings and my heart are precious to me and I don’t want to or need to invest those in anyone who is not worth the effort or does not see eye to eye when it comes to the relationship goal….

~next post: online dating, the experience and what I think about it and got out of it all~

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

4 thoughts on “One For The Books…Online Dating Part 1

    1. Exactly even the topic itself is something most don’t talk about or have very strong opinions about. But for all this, I tried it out and the blog is in the making

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  1. Nice post! Very genuine and true. These are rare qualities in the online dating realm. I think traditional dating still exists, but has become overshadowed by the new, ‘instant gratification society’ that has taken center stage.


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