It’s The Weekend 


Sunday theme

It’s been quite a weekend. I started it off by getting my car back from the shop after s long week of no car and sitting in the house. I had the worst luck with  that car since the ex did not take it into the shop at the first sign of trouble and do I was stuck with the first huge bill on that one. And this second time, the other persons insurance is gonna take care of it and I at least get my money back again. 
Now let’s hope there won’t b any more unforeseen expenses with my beloved Subaru. Now that it is finally payed off, I wouldn’t want to get a new car…

Saturday we had an awesome sunny day and after being lazy for the first half of the day we met up with friends and their daughter plus a friend for some coffee and restaurant hopping lol. If you have the minions make it fun still. Enjoy the sun and a good ole time with the extended family!! Everything is possible, one way or another. 

So live your life with every day as a new chance to Change it and yourself for the better!! There’s always way for improvement and to better yourself!!

And Sunday is our usual quiet day. Minions are up, at it and having fun. I’m trying to get everything ready for the week, trying to map out the week in my planner (yes, I’m still using a planner next to my phone) and try to get everything prepared as much as possible.

As for tonight it’s quiet time and hanging with the little ones. You see, really not much going on since everything else is still up and in the air ….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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