You Never Hit Me Up Anymore

 I bet there is a lot of you out there that get to hear that exact same thing that I hear quite often these days. And you know what my response is? I do have a life!!! I only have a very few selected friends and I am not constantly sitting on my phone trying to talk to someone, text someone when my kids are with me and we do stuff.

So you either understand that or you have to remove yourself from my life cause if I have to do it you wont know what hit you. I know where my delete button is and I aint afraid to use it.

I had people in my life for way longer than you and I cut them out if they are not contributing to a better life and/or my happiness. I am done with drama and most you all are just that: drama! And I really don’t need that anymore. There were way too many years I lived my life for others, trying to please others and thinking too much about what others think of me, my life, what I am doing/wearing/how I look…. not anymore.  There is a point in life where you need to make the decision and ask yourself if you really want to be happy or if you just want to live your life on stand by so to speak.

Once you are able to live your life just for yourself and your happiness you achieved something most people are never capable of doing. And it will feel good. No matter what you do from that point on, it will feel good cause you know you are doing this for you and you alone!!

So, if your gut tells you that a person or situation is not for you: find your delete button and move on, don’t look back and move towards a happier you !!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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